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Optimizing Client Service: Delivering Value and Enhancing Experience

Author: Peter Lane Secor

July 2017
Optimizing Client Service: Delivering Value and Enhancing Experience

Peter Secor, director of strategic pricing and project management at Pepper Hamilton, was a contributing author in the Ark Group publication Optimizing Client Service: Delivering Value and Enhancing Experience."

In a low growth, low demand market where competition is only getting fiercer, holding on to clients has to be every law firm’s priority. And when it comes to client loyalty, legal expertise and a strong track record of results just aren’t enough. They are, in fact, just table stakes for any firm that seeks to compete on a more sustainable platform than price. What sets a firm apart in today’s market are the intangibles: empathy, inimitable client experience, and the sort of value that doesn’t show up on the bill. The book is split into four parts, each focusing on a different aspect of optimizing client service.

For more information and to purchase the publication, visit https://www.ark-group.com/product/optimizing-client-service-delivering-value-and-enhancing-experience-0#.WxAsUE2Ww5t.

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