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Emerging Approaches to Law Firm Profitability

Author: Peter Lane Secor

May 2018
Emerging Approaches to Law Firm Profitability

Essential guidance for those seeking new means of maximizing their firm's profitability.

Peter Secor, director of strategic pricing and project management at Pepper Hamilton, authored a chapter in the Ark Group publication Emerging Approaches to Law Firm Profitability, titled "Fully Loaded or Not?"

When it comes to optimizing profitability, the model used to measure it matters. Mr. Secor undertakes a review of both fully loaded and cost-only methodologies, examining their pros and cons and delving into their relationship with partnership acceptance and its impact. This comprehensive analysis is designed to assist with a decision as to which method is best suited for a firm's culture.

For more information and to purchase the publication, visit https://www.ark-group.com/product/emerging-approaches-law-firm-profitability-0#.Ww_1O-4vxhE.

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