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Diversity Matters - Vol. 2013, Issue 2

Fostering Diversity and Inclusion: In-House, In the Community

Authors: Maria A. Feeley, Kassem L. Lucas, Andrew R. Rogoff, Albert Llosas Barrueco, Alejandro J. Salicrup, Matthew H. Adler, Tracey E. Diamond, Yvonne M. McKenzie, Jeffrey M. Goldman, Aparna Nemlekar, Patricia C. Stepp, Ruth E. Harlow, Alexander D. Gonzalez, Mark DeLuca, Stefan Ellis, Samuel J. Waltzer, Andrew J. Pinkston, Stephanie M. Wahba, Adam J. Goodman, Derek E. Hines and Anthony L. Pisano

Volume 2013, Issue 2

Pepper welcomes Maria A. Feeley as vice chair of the Diversity Committee and chair of Pepper’s Women’s Initiative (WIN!). With the guidance of the newly formed WIN! Advisory Board, we will continue the Pepper tradition of helping to cultivate such leaders as Nina M. Gussack, who InsideCounsel magazine recently recognized as Rainmaker of the Year. Always expanding the scope of our diversity efforts – and working with our clients and lawyers in our community – our attorneys have enriched the diversity pipeline by mentoring college and law students on the importance of academic success, relationship-building, networking and positioning themselves for employment. Our affinity groups continue to provide programming for our attorneys, the clients we serve, and the broader community, such as the moving Memorial Day event highlighting the life of Dr. Leon Bass, who showed us that we all are “Good Enough.” In addition, our associates are seeking to become leaders in such national affinity groups as the National Hispanic Bar Association and the North American South Asian Bar Association. Please enjoy reading about our dedication and commitment to making the legal field more diverse and inclusive.

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