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Diversity Matters - Vol. 2012, Issue 2

Diversity and Inclusion

Authors: Kassem L. Lucas, Andrew R. Rogoff, Hyung P. Steele, Nicholas M. Kouletsis, Hedya Aryani, Isla L. Long, Desa L. Burton, N. Nicole Stakleff, Bryan Y.M. Tham, Valérie Demont, Consuelo Alden Vasquez, Elizabeth J. Reilly-Hodes, Audrey D. Wisotsky and Suparna Datta

Volume 2012, Issue 2

Diversity and inclusion are core values of Pepper. As such, our initiatives and programs not only benefit our minority and female attorneys but also include other forms of diversity, and extend to our staff and the communities in which we work and live. In this issue, you will see that we heed the lessons learned about diversity and inclusion through the knowledge and experience of people like retired U.S. District Court Judge James T. Giles, Pepper’s first African-American attorney, who returned to us in 2008 after a long judicial career; we use diversity initiatives and programs to better prepare our attorneys today; and we impact future generations of lawyers through pipeline programs.

When CEO C. Scott Green joined us this year, we explained to him that our diversity efforts are part of Pepper’s core values and our success will require all of our participation and a long-term process. He countered that such a process is not merely "long-term," but rather "never-ending." The articles in this issue of Diversity Matters provide ample evidence that Pepper is committed for the long run.

Kassem L. Lucas and Andy Rogoff, Diversity Committee Co-Chairs

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