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Diversity Matters - Vol. 2012, Issue 1

Diversity: Make an Individual Commitment

Authors: Solomon Hunter Jr., John P. Duke, Kassem L. Lucas, Andrew R. Rogoff, Isla L. Long, Nefertiri R. Sickout, James D. Epstein, Amy G. McAndrew, Desa L. Burton, Rebecca N. Oliver-Remshifski and Hedya Aryani

Volume 2012, Issue 1

The Executive Committee and the Executive Partner have long been committed to Pepper’s diversity and inclusion efforts. Many of our attorneys have followed suit. In the new year, Pepper will ask each and every attorney to make individual commitments to diversity.

As depicted in this issue, this commitment may come in many forms: attorneys in our Corporate and Securities Group meet monthly to assess the progress of diverse associates; Pepper veterans organized a program for a diverse group of fellow Pepper veterans (and supporters); female partners spent a day counseling female associates; and eight associates joined the Diversity Liaison Committee to facilitate communication between all associates and the Diversity Committee.

Through individual commitment progress is inevitable.

Andrew R. Rogoff and Kassem L. Lucas, co-chairs
Diversity Committee

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