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What Do the Election Results Mean for the Financial Services Industry?

Speakers: Richard P. Eckman, Gregory J. Nowak and Mark T. Dabertin


Podcast Categories: Financial, Funds

What Do the Election Results Mean for the Financial Services Industry?

With President-Elect Donald Trump taking office in a couple of weeks, we thought it was a good time to discuss a topic that a lot of our clients have been calling us about since November 9th -  what does a Donald Trump presidency mean for the Financial Services Industry?

Joining forces from Pepper’s Financial Services practice for this podcast are Pepper partners Rick Eckman and Greg Nowak, and special counsel Mark Dabertin. Topics covered in detail include: impact of a Trump presidency on our economy in general and specifically the financial services industry (:39); discussion on the type of person that could be named to positions such as the head of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and members of the Federal Reserve Board (3:53); changes at the Department of Justice as they relate to the financial services industry with Senator Sessions being nominated to be the Attorney General (7:28); if a return of Glass Steagall is in the cards (10:15); the future of Dodd Frank and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) (21:27); most likely changes to the CFPB (36:36); CFPB’s controversial rulemaking in progress relating to small dollar loans and arbitration (40:15); will the CFPB continue to regulate by enforcement (45:50); is a repatriation of offshore money coming (48:04); how will the fintech industry be affected (54:16); the Federal Trade Commission’s role in consumer protection (56:39); and whether consumer protection is dead under a Trump administration (1:00:34).





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