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The Pepper Five: On 2014 Venture Capital Funding Outlook

Speaker: Steven R. London


Podcast Category: Growth

This is a podcast series where we ask Pepper attorneys five key questions on topics that are top of mind for our clients. Today we are focusing on venture funding and our guest is Pepper partner Steven R. London from our Boston office.

Mr. London led Pepper’s charge at the 2013 New England Venture Summit, moderating a couple of panels and meeting with many venture capitalists and companies looking for funding from around the country.

In this podcast we discuss the outlook for venture funding in 2014 based on his experience in the marketplace and specifically what he heard at the summit. We also cover his number one tip for companies looking for dollars; the best way to approach a VC for funding; fatal flaws for an elevator pitch; and discuss Pepper’s Emerging Company Program.

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