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Issues Affecting Family Offices, Hedge Funds and Private Equity Managers

Speakers: Gregory J. Nowak, Myles Edwards and Irshad Karim


Podcast Category: Funds

In this podcast, Pepper partner Gregory J. Nowak is joined by Myles Edwards, General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Operating Officer at Shufro, Rose & Co. and Irshad Karim, General Counsel at Lion Point Capital.

Mr. Nowak leads a discussion on

  • fund expenses – recent SEC initiatives

  • fund due diligence

  • cross trades – what are they and what to look out for?

  • the recent FinCEN Proposal to extend AML reporting to RIAs and their funds – what does it mean for family offices?

  • the outsourced CIO – a megatrend or fad?

Download the Powerpoint slides.


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