In light of the rapidly changing coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, Troutman Sanders and Pepper Hamilton have postponed the effective date of their previously announced merger until July 1, 2020. The new firm – Troutman Pepper – will feature 1,100+ attorneys across 23 U.S. offices. Read more.


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Pepper Hamilton's Collaboration Technology Keeps Business Running

Pepper Hamilton's Collaboration Technology Keeps Business Running

Online collaboration is the new normal. Pepper Hamilton’s commitment to innovation combines class-leading technologies, expert support and efficient processes to keep you, your teams and your counsel connected to what matters most.

Most of us are — or at least are working to become — comfortable with email, audio and now even video conferences from home, but keeping teams tightly coordinated and tracking project status in real time can be challenging. Not only is it difficult to maintain a master file of key documents via remote work, but it is nearly impossible to keep track of document versions when multiple authors exchange drafts via email.

Pepper has invested in HighQ, an industry-leading collaboration platform, but crucially has also invested in practice support professionals who can build and maintain bespoke sites in a matter of minutes to meet an individual client’s needs. HighQ is a secure, easy-to-use platform accessible from anywhere, at any time, that can be customized to meet your most important needs.

A HighQ site can be the primary point of contact for you and your team with Pepper. With a single login and a consistent, modern and user-friendly interface, you can access whatever data matters to you, whether that is real-time financial data — e.g., budget vs. actual fees incurred — status of ongoing projects, key documents and work product or status reports. As your needs evolve, Pepper’s practice support team can revise and grow the site.

As the online hub of your relationship with Pepper, a customized site built with HighQ can also connect you to truly innovative tools and services that can deliver better outcomes more efficiently than ever before. One client is using its custom-built site to track multiple litigation matters, while another uses its site to follow the progress of leases across the country.

The current crisis has prompted a compelling use case: In the face of government-enforced shutdowns, many of our clients are looking at the force majeure and impossibility of performance clauses in thousands of contracts. This would ordinarily be a time-consuming, tedious and expensive task. Pepper’s innovative approach, however, enabled us to swiftly deploy a new solution that allows quick, efficient review of contracts to identify force majeure provisions, enabling us to provide strategic legal and business advice. Read more about this project here.

Pepper’s innovative approach combines class-leading technology with people and processes to deliver excellent legal services efficiently in these challenging times, and can keep you and your teams connected to what matters most.

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