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Pepper Hamilton Partners Offer Pro Bono Services to Advance Innovative Early-Stage Technologies

Health Sciences Attorneys Partner with Advancing Innovation in Dermatology (AID) Accelerator Fund Companies

Pepper Hamilton Partners Offer Pro Bono Services to Advance Innovative Early-Stage Technologies

Advancing Innovation in Dermatology (AID) today announced the launch of its AID Accelerator Fund to provide economic and intellectual capital to further a discovery’s potential for commercialization. Pepper Hamilton partners Raymond A. Miller and N. Nicole Stakleff, and of counsel, David S. Smith, attorneys in the firm’s Health Sciences Department, are providing pro bono services to individuals and organizations supported by the fund.

The AID Accelerator Fund was designed to help advance product development of important scientific discoveries and support new early-stage technologies that have the potential to improve skin health. In addition to in-kind business support, the fund offers seed funding and access to an ecosystem of dermatologic product innovation.

“The intellectual property issues faced by early-stage companies with innovative therapies can be challenging,” said Raymond Miller. “Combining relevant dermatology experience with an early-stage funding mechanism provides a fertile ground allowing innovation to flourish. As a leading health science law firm, Pepper Hamilton remains committed to helping AID bridge the gap between research and commercialization.”

The fund is designed to connect institutional research funding and traditional venture capital. It offers IP and advisory services to develop and advance invention toward commercialization, as well as early financial support. The AID Accelerator Fund is currently seeking early-stage research and development products that are not yet at the venture funding stage. Awardees will be determined by the AID Accelerator Fund’s Steering Committee, which will consider products that have a direct relevance to unmet needs in dermatology and demonstrate significant likelihood of success.

“Pepper Hamilton is committed to assisting start-ups and early-stage companies that have the potential to significantly impact economic development,” said Nicole Stakleff. “By providing advisory support to promising projects, we hope to help bring dermatologic breakthroughs to fruition.”

The AID Accelerator Fund is featured in the April 11 issue of the Journal of American Medicine Association (JAMA) Dermatology.

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