Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

Pharmaceutical Litigation

Pepper has been called on to lead the defense in some of the most challenging personal injury litigation involving pharmaceuticals. Our now-senior lawyers were deeply involved in this type of litigation over 20 years ago, such as in DES, Bendectin, and Thorotrast. We were innovative then, and are innovative now.

Pepper has the depth and experience to field a large team of lawyers who are very familiar with all the legal and factual issues that will arise in major pharmaceutical litigation. In recent years, Pepper has been lead counsel for the defense of Avandia, Byetta, Prozac, Zyprexa, and Fleet’s Oral Sodium Phosphate. We also have long-term experience as national counsel in device and biologics litigation, such as Orthopedic Bone Screw, Human Tissue and Infuse. The litigation against these products ranged from about 1,000 claims to over 70,000. We’ve also been lead counsel for significant litigation involving several other drugs where no MDL was created. Our experience also includes the defense of actions by participants in clinical trials.

What sets Pepper apart is an ability to direct overall strategy: to understand the litigation risks quickly. That understanding gained, we act to devalue the plaintiffs’ claims by legal and factual challenges to the plaintiffs’ case. Our track record includes wins at trial, and results that other firms have not achieved. In particular, our record is notable for resolving large numbers of claims at a low cost.

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