Health Care Services

Physician/Hospital Relations

We often advise health care entities on hospital-physician relations, including:

  • exclusive contracts and medical staff privileges
  • physician credentialing (including economic credentialing and pay-for-performance issues) and termination
  • certificates of need and licensure
  • professional courtesy and patient rights issues, including care access and delivery issues
  • all contracting issues
  • negotiating and drafting managed care agreements
  • labor and employment issues (including contracts for all executives and senior medical staff), including entities with unionized workforces.

Medical Staff Bylaws

We assist in the drafting, revision and implementing of medical staff bylaws and in outlining the powers, privileges and responsibilities of staffers, and how they relate to those of the health care entity’s governing body and administration and to state and federal rules and regulations. We advise on quality of care, patient safety, and sound medical staff issues.

We also represent hospitals, medical staffs and physicians in connection with hospital medical staff relations, including credentialing policies and procedures, staff development plans, and the impact of merger and affiliation decisions on medical staff relationships.

Physician Clinical Evaluation and Quality of Care

Often driven by health insurance plans, physicians and health care providers now face the scrutiny of many similar, but not identical evaluation programs that attempt to measure clinical quality and cost-efficiency of patient care. We help to develop and administer physician assessment programs and establish their parameters and guidelines, and help health care providers respond to the evaluations and their findings.

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