Energy Industry Group

LEADERSHIP: Thomas P. Dwyer and Marc D. Machlin

Oil and Gas

Exploration and Production. Pepper’s history in the oil and gas sector traces back to the 1920s. Our clients include vertically integrated oil and gas companies, firms engaged solely in exploration and production, and businesses providing oil field services. Our recent projects in this sector have been located mainly in the Marcellus Shale, the Barnett Shale, and the Bakken formation. We also represent one of the leading processors of natural gas liquids and are involved in a series of infrastructure projects for this company. In addition, we advise corporate landowners interested in granting leases for oil and gas production, as well as lessees seeking to clear title to oil and gas.

Transportation, Distribution and Processing. Our clients include interstate pipelines and local gas distribution companies (LDCs). We represent these clients in siting and building new pipelines and other infrastructure, including storage and processing facilities. We also represent pipeline owners and operators and LDCs in connection with a wide array of environmental matters, including spills, explosions and legacy sites. Additionally, we advise large energy users, such as manufacturers, universities and hospitals, on strategies to exploit the availability of low-cost natural gas; we assist these clients in connection with cogeneration projects and the construction of pipelines providing access to LDCs or interstate pipelines.

Petroleum Marketing. Pepper represents several firms that distribute and market gasoline and diesel fuel in the United States. Pepper advises these companies on transactions, regulatory matters and litigation with distributors and franchisees. Pepper also advises these clients on a range of strategic transactions relating to their petrochemical operations.

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