Insight Center: Webinars

The Life of an Internal Investigation

Speakers: Abigail A. Hazlett and Kristin H. Jones

12:00 - 4:15 PM (ET)
The Life of an Internal Investigation

Live in Philadelphia, Webinar and Simulcast

In today’s complex regulatory environment, small, medium and large corporate clients are conducting internal investigations more frequently than ever. No matter the size of the corporation, the investigations all have the same goal: to find out whether a problem exists, how big the problem is, and how to fix it. This program will provide the building blocks of an effective, but efficient, internal investigation in response to both internal complaint and external governmental or other queries. Pepper partner Kristin H. Jones is a course planner and Pepper partner Abigail A. Hazlett will be speaking on the panel.

Learn how to handle:

  • Crisis management: putting out the fire
  • Answer the big questions:
    • Who? Forming the investigation team together
    • What? Defining the scope of the investigation and developing a communication plan
    • How? Identifying documents and witnesses
    • Why? What are the issues and possible remedies?
    • When? How to pace the investigation and what to tackle first.

CLE credit available.


The CLE Conference Center
Wanamaker Building, Ste. 1010
Juniper Street Entrance
Philadelphia, PA 19107


PBA Member (admitted after 1/1/2013), Paralegal or Judicial Law Clerk: $125
PBA or County Bar Association Member (admitted before 1/1/2013): $249
Non-Member: $249

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