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Goodwill in Corporate Asset Sales Tax Planning

Speakers: Steven D. Bortnick and Howard S. Goldberg

1:00-2:30 PM (ET)
Goodwill in Corporate Asset Sales Tax Planning

Presented by Strafford Publications

The inclusion of goodwill in a business’ asset sale can significantly reduce the tax liability of the sale. However, counsel and tax advisers must take care to ensure that the sale of the goodwill is respected by taking certain steps before and during the transaction.

Complexities arise in the characterization of the goodwill. The beneficial tax planning opportunities stem from the inclusion of personal goodwill as opposed to business goodwill. Distinguishing the two is often difficult and fact-specific, and both can complicate valuation.

Listen as our experienced panel carefully reviews the tax benefits of the inclusion of goodwill, how to distinguish between personal and business goodwill, pre-acquisition and acquisition transfers, allocation, valuation, and negotiation strategies. Attendees will leave with another tool that will benefit their clients’ tax position.

Key topics include:

  • How may personal goodwill benefit the taxpayer in an asset sale of a business?
  • What best practices should be implemented to ensure the IRS’ recognition of the personal goodwill?
  • How must counsel differentiate between personal and business goodwill?
  • What best practices should be implemented in including personal goodwill in the negotiation phase of the transaction?

CLE credit available.

Webinar Documents

Goodwill in Corporate Asset Sales: Tax Planning Opportunities Slides (.pdf)



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