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PLI, 'Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts: Driving Widespread Change in Business, Government and the Law'

Speakers: Joseph C. Guagliardo, Todd R. Kornfeld and Bruce D. Weed

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (EDT)
PLI, 'Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts: Driving Widespread Change in Business, Government and the Law'

Although blockchain technology is best known as the underlying technology of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, the conversation about blockchain has shifted. This peer-to-peer distributed ledger technology has utility beyond cryptocurrencies, and lawyers should be paying attention. 

Alternative applications of blockchain technology are emerging, including so-called “smart contracts” — applications involving assets controlled by software code that execute based on preset rules, without the need for a central authority. The technology has potential for widespread applications ranging from capital markets trade processing to real and intellectual property transfers (including music digital rights management) to airline ticket sales. If blockchain technology lives up to its promise, it could have a revolutionary impact on businesses across every major industry, governments and even the legal profession. 

Lawyers need to prepare for these potential widespread changes now. This session is designed to provide an overview of blockchain technology and smart contracts as well as some of their applications and impacts on business, government and the legal profession. 

Please join Joseph C. Guagliardo, a partner with Pepper Hamilton, and co-presenters Todd R. Kornfeld, of counsel with Pepper Hamilton, and Bruce D. Weed, Corporation Program Director at IBM, to discuss the latest developments around blockchain technology and how these and future developments will impact your clients and your practice.

Topics will include:

  • Overview of blockchain and smart contracts
  • Emerging ecosystems around blockchain platforms
  • The industry perspective
  • The technical perspective
  • Changing and new legal frameworks for blockchain.

CLE credit available.



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