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Pepper Hamilton's Detroit Antitrust Conference

Speakers: Barak A. Bassman, Daniel J. Boland, René M.L. Hansemann, Sean P. McNally, Sara B. Richman, Barbara T. Sicalides and A. Christopher Young

3:00-6:30 PM (ET)
Pepper Hamilton's Detroit Antitrust Conference

3:00 – 5:00 PM | Seminar
5:00 – 6:30 PM | Cocktail Reception

This seminar is designed to bring attendees up to date on key developments in antitrust issues over the past 12 months.

Topics and presenters include:

Exclusionary Conduct: Practical Advice From Recent and Anticipated Decisions and Trials

What are the practical considerations for creating and maintaining exclusivity arrangements? This panel will cover Judge Posner’s final antitrust opinion in the 7th Circuit, the Supreme Court’s anticipated American Express decision, and lessons from a recent exclusive dealing antitrust trial.

Barak A. Bassman
A. Christopher Young

2017 U.S. Enforcement Agency Review

What can we expect with new leaders at the enforcement agencies and elsewhere in D.C.? This panel will offer a discussion of recent leadership changes and 2017 merger and criminal enforcement activities.

Daniel J. Boland
Sara B. Richman
Barbara T. Sicalides

René M.L. Hansemann
Sean P. McNally


The Westin Book Cadillac Detroit
1114 Washington Boulevard
Detroit, MI 48226


There is no cost to attend.

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