Insight Center: Events & Webinars

Overcoming Barriers to Growth

Speaker: Nicholas A. Stawasz

4:00-7:00 PM (ET)
Overcoming Barriers to Growth

Please join a small group of CEOs and business owners for a private briefing and discussion of the challenges facing company leaders who want to grow their companies. Our panelists will provide an overview of their experience with companies that have successfully driven and sustained growth.

Come and learn from our panelists and each other about the challenges driving growth and what to expect along the way. Growth brings different challenges and barriers; the key to success will be in your preparation to meet them.

Key topics include:

  • Barriers to growth
  • Access to financing
  • Accounting and control
  • Legal organization
  • Board of directors and advisors
  • Make it or buy it
  • Managing growth.


Following a short introduction to the topic from the panel, company leaders in attendance will discuss their challenges and experiences.


This event is by invitation only.

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