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Pepper Hamilton Sponsoring NACUA 2018 Annual Conference

June 24-27, 2018
Pepper Hamilton Sponsoring NACUA 2018 Annual Conference

Pepper Hamilton is proud to continue our sponsorship of the 2018 NACUA Annual Conference. This is the most popular program offered by NACUA, attracting hundreds of higher education attorneys each year. The Conference focuses on current issues and legal developments in the field of higher education law. Plenary sessions will address challenges in the field, while panel and small discussion sessions will focus on specific issues of importance to higher education lawyers and their institutions. The Conference also affords attorneys the opportunity to share formal and informal insights and expertise with colleagues from across the country, and provides an abundance of networking opportunities.

Pepper is sponsoring the opening plenary session on June 24 at 1:00–2:30 PM on the topic "Leadership in Tumultuous Times: Navigating Through a Climate of Discord." During this session, a distinguished panel of college and university presidents with firsthand experience navigating the myriad issues on campus posed by recent challenging times, including freedom of speech and expression, diversity and inclusivity, and democratic values. This session will also explore the essential characteristics of effective leadership in this era of heightened scrutiny of higher education and the important role played by NACUA attorneys as their institutions navigate complex issues.

For more information and to register, visit https://www.nacua.org/program-events/nacua-annual-conference/2018-nacua-annual-conference.


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