Diversity: Leadership

Leadership in the Firm

Our efforts to recruit and encourage promotion of women and minorities have rewarded the firm and the individuals involved.

Milestones Graphic

A woman now serves as vice-chair of the Executive Committee and chair of the Commercial Department. Female partners serve as the firm’s General Counsel and the firm’s Professional Responsibility Counsel.

A female partner leads Pepper’s Orange County and Los Angeles offices and women lead the firm’s antitrust, alcohol, cannabis, consumer fraud litigation, credit response, first amendment litigation, funds services, health effects litigation, independent contractor compliance, life sciences, media and communications, mortgage banking, multifamily finance, nonprofit organizations and foundations, pharmaceutical and medical device litigation and counseling, privacy, security and data protection, real estate, securities litigation, and tax practices.

A person with disabilities leads the firm's Environmental and Energy practices. A member of Pepper Pride leads the firm’s Detroit office and the firm’s Environmental practice.

Diverse partners including disabled, women, and people of color lead the firm’s Executive (vice-chair); Alternative Schedules, Associates, Diversity, Information Governance and Professional Responsibility Committees.

Diverse attorneys, including women, people of color and LGBT partners, serve on all of the firm’s managing committees, including the Executive Committee, the Compensation Committee, the Finance Committee, Associates, and the Hiring Committee.

Women and people of color are leaders in firm administration. Senior administrative positions held by diverse professionals include director of administration, chief information officer, chief talent officer, director of library and research services, director of office services, director of professional development and recruitment, and director of user services.

Pepper paralegals, managers and staff represent a diverse group of dedicated professionals; more than half are women, LGBT, or people of color.

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