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Diversity: Leadership

"As an attorney who has spent his entire legal career at Pepper Hamilton, from summer associate to Partner in Charge of Diversity, I am not just a proponent of the firm’s diversity and inclusion efforts: I am a product of them." – Kassem L. Lucas

In 2005, Pepper created a Diversity Committee to recommend strategic initiatives to recruit, support, retain and promote attorneys from diverse backgrounds, and encourage participation in activities supporting diversity and inclusion in our communities and in conjunction with our clients.

Partner in Charge of Diversity
In 2011, the firm created a Partner in Charge of Diversity position for a practicing attorney to lead diversity and inclusion efforts firm-wide. The Partner in Charge of Diversity identified three main goals for the firm’s diversity and inclusion initiatives and programs:

  1. maintain diversity and inclusion as core values of the firm
  2. develop, train, retain and promote our diverse talent, and
  3. leverage our diversity to partner with clients and members of the community to promote diversity in the legal field.

Pepper’s Partner in Charge of Diversity consults regularly with firm partners, mentors and practice group leaders to assess the productivity of diverse attorneys. The Partner in Charge of Diversity reviews the monthly production of each associate and consults with them as necessary, conducts introductory meetings with new attorneys entering the firm, and maintains an open-door policy for all at Pepper, to discuss matters or programs regarding diversity and inclusion.

Outreach Mentoring Program
In 2011, the Diversity Committee initiated the Outreach Mentoring Program where each Diversity Committee partner is assigned to meet with diverse associates to serve as an additional resource to assist with his/her development. The initiative:

  1. enables Diversity Committee members to connect with associates who are the “charge” of the Diversity Committee
  2. provides additional resources to associates to assist with their development, and
  3. complements the efforts of the Diversity Committee and the firm to promote and retain associates.

Diversity Liaison Committee
The Diversity Liaison Committee was created, and is composed of associates who solicit comments, questions, ideas and concerns from all associates about Pepper’s diversity programs and initiatives, and communicates them to the Diversity Committee.

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