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Venture Capital

LEADERSHIP: Bruce K. Fenton and Christopher S. Miller

Breaking into the market with a new idea or product is never an easy process. When seed and late-stage companies seek the help of venture capitalists to expand, the return on investment can be phenomenal. It’s a high-risk adventure to those who know the game, and to play well, it helps to have someone on your team who knows all the rules. Pepper Hamilton LLP has that knowledge, and the experience of representing venture capital, public and private buyout firms, and public employee pension funds in hundreds of investments in seed, early and late stage companies, mezzanine investments and leveraged buyouts.

We represent general partners and investors in fund formation, domestic and foreign tax planning, fund investments in portfolio companies, and the public and private sale of portfolio company investments. When the time comes to move on to a new investment, venture capital clients count on Pepper to help achieve a liquidity event. We’re experienced in a variety of divestiture transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, management buyouts and private equity sales.

Choosing to acquire an interest in a seed or later-stage company means choosing to invest in its corporate structure. Our work includes assessment of capitalization, organization formation, suitability of articles of incorporation and legal standing. Our knowledge can help venture capitalists restructure a target company to provide greater value. We also counsel on building alliances with other venture capital participants in the transition.

When you hire Pepper, you gain access to a vast repository of institutional legal and business knowledge, and a large network of valuable business contacts. Among our attributes, Pepper has one of the leading national practices involving the formation and operation of Small Business Investment Companies (SBICs).

At Pepper, we strive to be valued partners and contributors to the investment success of our venture capital clients.

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