Real Estate

LEADERSHIP: Matthew J. Swett and Hannah Dowd McPhelin

The Pepper Advantage

Pepper has more than 35 lawyers experienced in a broad range of real estate matters. While our attorneys are skilled and experienced in a variety of niche areas of real estate law, we don’t have the “tunnel vision” that unfortunately is common to many specialists. Business challenges rarely, if ever, can be segregated into the neat legal categories specialists like to operate in; often problems overlap several legal areas or are related to important issues outside of the specialist’s discipline.

Because of the breadth and depth of our group, we can handle the most detailed and complex matters – without ever losing focus on how the matter relates to our client’s overall business goals. That means we will get the right people at the right level doing the right work for you from the start. As one client told us recently, what sets Pepper apart from the competition is that we “find solutions to problems, rather than find problems with solutions.” Another advantage to retaining Pepper is the ability of our real estate group to call on more than 425 peers in a wide range of related areas, such as corporate law, construction, finance, tax, environmental, bankruptcy and insurance. From antitrust to zoning, chances are a Pepper lawyer has already handled a matter like yours.

Our philosophy about client service can be summed up in one sentence: We counsel each client as if it were our only client.® That is not just a slogan. It is the basic principle guiding our practice. It means that every phone call, every e-mail or other communication from a client is important, and is treated accordingly. It means that while we will strive to get you the answer as quickly as possible, we will not let the need for speed cloud the quality of our work – we will always give your matters our best objective judgment.

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