Real Estate Leasing

LEADERSHIP: Hannah Dowd McPhelin and Matthew J. Swett

Whether you’re a growing company that needs a new home office or the hottest retail store seeking an expanded footprint in hundreds of new locations, Pepper Hamilton LLP can help. Our dedicated Real Estate Leasing team has broad experience drafting and negotiating leases for both landlords and tenants across a wide range of industries.

The leases we have worked on cover millions of square feet, including build-to-suit leases, office leases, retail leases, warehouse and industrial leases, and manufacturing facility leases.

Because we handle a high volume of leasing transactions in locations around the country, we understand the nuances of different types of leases as well as what is market for those leases. We are equally comfortable working for a sophisticated real estate client on its full portfolio as a client not in the real estate industry on its real estate needs so it can focus on its own core business. And, for each client, we work closely with the client to determine their needs and goals so we can close the deal efficiently, on the best possible terms, and in a way that achieves the client’s business objectives.

Major Areas of Practice

Office Leases

Pepper Hamilton has represented landlords and tenants in lease transactions for office space — from small companies to leading property owners and operators. Our work encompasses leases for expanded office facilities, new headquarters and flex spaces, among others. In addition to drafting and negotiating the leases, we assist clients in evaluating which properties and terms will best achieve their business goals. Our team also includes LEED® accredited professionals, who represent clients in transactions involving LEED® certified office spaces.

Retail Leases

We have advised some of the nation’s largest retail chains on leases for new locations, working on large portfolios of properties and managing significant retail expansions. Our experience also includes matters involving shopping centers, representing both owners and store tenants, including anchors, in lease transactions.

Industrial and Specialty Leases

From warehouses to distribution facilities to specialty properties, such as laboratories and medical uses, Pepper Hamilton represents clients in all forms of industrial and office lease transactions. We have the experience necessary to help landlords and tenants navigate the challenges of these types of leases to minimize risk while maximizing business opportunity.

Build-to-Suit Leases

When companies have particular needs that cannot be met by existing facilities, they may seek a build-to-suit lease. But, because these leases involve construction of specially built properties, the terms can be more complex and the transactions more challenging, even for the most sophisticated parties. Pepper Hamilton represents clients in build-to-suit leases both large and small — from several thousand square feet to buildings with an imprint of nearly one million square feet. We work hand in hand with our clients to help them define their build-to-suit lease transaction goals and close a deal for the perfect facility for their business needs within the desired time frame.

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