Digital Health

Pepper’s representative matters include assisting clients with digital health products and apps that provide the following functions:


  • diabetes mobile app designed to assist in medication management and communication between patient and physician

  • app for tracking all medications taken by users

  • platform connecting clinicians and case workers with a medical home by utilizing data collection through sensor technology and providing content to the patient and caregiver


  • app with alerts relating to a particular disease state and tools for managing a chronic condition

  • mobile tool to match clinical trials, investigators and patients to research studies

  • web portal for patient-physician communication about therapies and a tool for data capture and messaging for adherence and brand loyalty


  • app to provide information about co-pays

  • app providing drug interaction and other drug safety information

  • app to track a user’s medications and notes on symptoms for communication with a physician


  • fitness tracker for consumers to capture health data and communicate to a physician

  • software using a phone camera to record wounds and transmit information to a clinician

  • device and mobile application system accessible by patients and health care providers to track adherence and other health data for creating an accurate record of chronic neurological disease care between appointments

  • mobile app that provides reports and information from a direct-to-consumer DNA test regarding drug safety and further information about the drugs taken by the users as correlated to the user’s molecular profile, including gene variants

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