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Pokémon Play or Get Back to Work?

Author: Tracey E. Diamond


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Pokémon Play or Get Back to Work?

Q.  I have been told that Pokémon Go is a lot of fun, but it seems like my employees are spending more time trying to catch fictional monsters than getting their work done. How do I keep this craze in check?

Yours is not the only workplace to succumb to the Pokémon Go craze! In a recent poll by Forbes and Apester, 69 percent of the employees surveyed admitted to playing Pokémon Go at work. Even more disturbing, more than one-third of the employees confessed to spending more than an hour of the workday playing the game.

It is one thing to use the lunch break for Pokémon Go play, but when workers are spending more time wandering the office floors catching Pikachus than getting their work done, what can you do?

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