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Philadelphia Enacts Fair Workweek Ordinance

Author: Lee E. Tankle


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Philadelphia Enacts Fair Workweek Ordinance

Q. Can you explain to me Philadelphia’s new Fair Workweek Ordinance?

A. In late December 2018, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney signed an Ordinance that will require large fast-food chains, retailers, and hotels to provide employees with advance notice of their schedules and a variety of other protections. The Ordinance—known as the “Fair Workweek” Ordinance—requires certain Philadelphia employers to provide employees with at least two weeks’ advance notice of their schedules, offer remuneration to employees if their schedules are changed, and provide minimum periods of rest in between shifts. The Ordinance is similar to ordinances adopted in New York, San Francisco, and other large cities. It is scheduled to become effective on January 1, 2020.

This post provides some key facts about the Ordinance.

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