In light of the rapidly changing coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, Troutman Sanders and Pepper Hamilton have postponed the effective date of their previously announced merger until July 1, 2020. The new firm – Troutman Pepper – will feature 1,100+ attorneys across 23 U.S. offices. Read more.


We recognize that “Sustainability” entails meeting the “Triple Bottom Line” of economic, social, and environmental responsibility. It is about fostering respect for people and other living things while at the same time wisely using and managing environmental and economic resources. It calls for a careful balancing that takes into account the interests of key stakeholders — partners, associates, employees, and especially our clients — the very parties whose support is critical to the success of Pepper Hamilton.


It is in the best interests of our law firm and society as a whole that Pepper Hamilton move along the path to sustainability. Toward that end, we will strive to achieve the following vision of performance, publicly communicate this commitment, and periodically report our progress and challenges in fulfilling it:

Economic Success: The Wise Use of Financial Resources

Pepper’s Economic Prosperity. Our firm will be positioned to survive and prosper economically. Toward that end, we will continually seek to improve appropriate metrics of profitability, such as revenue per lawyer and profit per partner.

Communities’ Economic Prosperity. We will help the communities in which we have offices survive and prosper economically through the taxes, salaries, and suppliers we pay, and through our civic and philanthropic efforts.

Social Responsibility: Respect for People

Respect for Associates and Employees. We will treat our associates and employees in a respectful and fair manner. We will continue to foster an open and constructive dialogue with our associates as well as our employees, and we will encourage wellness and work-life balance. We recognize that each individual’s success depends on the individual and collective efforts of our colleagues -- past, present, and future. Accordingly, we value service, trust, interdependence, and collegiality.

Diversity; Fair Hiring Practices. We will promote diversity and continue to ensure that our hiring practices are fair, responsible, and non-discriminatory. Learn more about our Commitment to Diversity.

Responsible Governance; Professional Courtesy. We will manage our risks properly, use our economic power responsibly, and operate our law firm in a way that is ethical and legal. We will treat with due respect others who are involved with us in the discussion of legal issues and resolution of legal claims.

Dealing With Clients. We acknowledge that our primary legal and ethical duty is to serve our clients honestly and effectively. We will compete fairly for their business, respect their privacy and confidentiality, and provide them efficient and effective services under the conditions we promise.

Awareness and Advice. We will help raise the awareness of our professionals and employees about sustainability issues in the primary fields of our legal practice, and include consideration of such issues in the advice we provide our clients, where appropriate.

Well-being of Stakeholders. We will work collaboratively with our communities and other stakeholders to enhance the well-being of others through pro bono services, other voluntary efforts, and philanthropy. Learn more about our Commitment to Pro Bono.

Environmental Responsibility: Respect for Life; the Wise Management, and Use of Natural Resources

Resource and Energy Conservation. We will conserve our use of natural resources and energy to the extent practicable.

Waste and Pollution Prevention and Management. We will reduce to the extent practicable the quantity and degree of hazard of the wastes we generate from our operations, and handle them in a safe, legal, and responsible way to minimize their environmental effects. We also will reduce to the extent practicable the direct and indirect emissions of greenhouse gases and other harmful air pollutants from our operations and travel.

Reduction of Supply Chain Impacts. We will work with others in our supply chain to help ensure adverse environmental impacts and risks associated with our operations are reduced and properly controlled, and environmental benefits optimized.

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