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Higher Education Oversight and Governance: Role of a College Board of Trustees

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pepper-Freeh Group Higher Education Webinar Series

Effective governance and oversight is a critical function for college and university boards of trustees. Recent scandals at prestigious universities, at least one of which resulted in significant sanctions and monetary penalties for failure to properly oversee university officials, illustrate just how important proper governance and oversight are - and how devastating an oversight failure can be. College presidents, athletic directors, head coaches and other senior administrators have ethics and compliance responsibilities - but ultimately the buck stops with the board when it comes to upholding ethics and compliance.

Join our panel of distinguished speakers for a discussion on the proper role of a college or university board of trustees, including its responsibilities for overseeing the president and other senior administrators, and for ensuring a commitment to compliance and ethical conduct throughout the institution. Our panelists have extensive experience in higher education through varied roles, including: representing colleges and universities as a lawyer and an investigator; serving on a college board; working as a former university general counsel; and serving as a faculty member, dean, provost, and university president.

We are particularly honored to welcome David P. Roselle, Ph.D., the highly distinguished former president of the University of Kentucky and the University of Delaware, to the panel. Dr. Roselle, who is director of Winterthur Museum & Country Estate in Wilmington, Delaware, has more than 40 years of experience in higher education, including serving on the mathematics faculty at the University of Maryland, Louisiana State University, and Virginia Tech, and serving as dean and then provost at Virginia Tech before becoming president of the University of Kentucky in 1987. He assumed the presidency of the University of Delaware in 1990 and served until 2007. Dr. Roselle has received numerous honors and other recognition for his career as a mathematician and as a nationally recognized leader in higher education.

Omar Y. McNeill, partner, Pepper Hamilton LLP and member of the Education Risk Counseling, Investigations and Litigation Services Team

Barbara W. Mather, partner, Pepper Hamilton LLP and former chair, Swarthmore College Board of Managers
Matthew Dolan, managing director, Freeh Group International Solutions, LLC and former general counsel, United States Naval Academy
David P. Roselle, Ph.D., former president, University of Kentucky and University of Delaware

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This is the first event of the Higher Education Webinar Series presented by Pepper Hamilton LLP and Freeh Group International Solutions, LLC (FGIS). Future webinars will include discussions of sexual assault on campus, compliance issues for colleges and universities, affirmative action and university admissions, and other topics.

Pepper and FGIS recently reconstituted a joint Education Risk Counseling, Investigations and Litigation Services Team that is highly experienced in conducting independent, confidential compliance reviews and investigations, counseling boards on best risk management solutions, and, when necessary, defending against litigation threats.

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March 13, 2013 | 12:00 - 1:00 P.M. EST
Pepper-Freeh Group Higher Education Webinar Series
Investigating and Resolving Sexual Assaults on Campus


Barbara W. Mather
Phone: 215.981.4895
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photo of Matthew Dolan
Matthew Dolan
Managing Director
Freeh Group International Solutions, LLC
Former General Counsel
United States Naval Academy
Phone: 302.824.7139

David P. Roselle, Ph.D.
Former President
University of Kentucky and University of Delaware

Omar Y. McNeill

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