A Webinar of Pepper Hamilton LLP

Current Legal, Tax and Business Issues Facing Indian Investment Funds

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Indian Webinar Series

Pepper partner Valérie Demont moderated a discussion on current legal, tax and business issues associated with structuring private equity funds targeting investments in Indian portfolio companies.

Topics include:

  • structuring the fund to accommodate the targeted group of investors
  • achieving maximum tax efficiency across multiple jurisdictions
  • analyzing recent regulatory developments in the United States, the Cayman Islands, Mauritius and India affecting Indian investment funds and fund managers
  • complying with alternative Indian regulatory regimes for foreign venture capital investors
  • implementing standard or creative economic bargains using non-traditional vehicles and terms
  • disclosing necessary risk factors and avoiding undue regulatory and tax risks
  • selecting and managing local counsel.

Valérie Demont, partner, Pepper Hamilton LLP


Todd W. Betke, of counsel, Pepper Hamilton LLP
Percy Billimoria, partner, AZB & Partners
Julie D. Corelli, partner, Pepper Hamilton LLP
Sai Krishna Bharathan, partner, AZB & Partners

View the webinar as a Microsoft Office Live Meeting high-fidelity presentation.

View the Webinar in Windows Media Player.

PDF file of the PowerPoint slides from the Webinar.


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