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5/21/2014 The Times They Are A-Changin’  
4/17/2014 D.C. Circuit Rules a Provision of the SEC Conflict Minerals Rule Violates the First Amendment Client Alert - April 17, 2014 
12/6/2013 Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Power Plants: What’s in Store for New and Existing Plants?  
11/1/2013 International Proposals to Expand Antarctic Marine Protected Areas Fail at CCAMLR - November 1, 2013 
8/6/2013 The President’s Climate Action Plan: What Might it Mean for Existing Coal-Fired Plants? Client Alert - August 6, 2013 
2/25/2013 Smart Contracting for Green Design and Construction  
11/27/2012 Free Webinar to Examine Report’s Call for Cleanup Programs to Move from Problem Identification and Remedy Selection to Long-term Management Environmental Client Alert - November 27, 2012 
10/26/2012 Conflict Minerals: The Rule’s ‘Gray Areas’ That Will Matter in Implementation Client Alert - October 26, 2012 
8/24/2012 The SEC’s Final Conflict Minerals Rule Will Impose Broad Diligence and Reporting Obligations on Manufacturers Client Alert - August 24, 2012 
8/23/2012 Conflict Minerals Rule Imposes Big Burdens on Manufacturers  
6/29/2012 D.C. Circuit Upholds EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Regulations But Leaves Some Questions Unanswered Client Alert - June 29, 2012 
6/11/2012 U.S. Manufacturers of Wind Towers Likely Flying High Following Commerce Department’s Affirmative Preliminary Countervailing Duty Determination on Chinese Imports Sustainability, CleanTech and Climate Change Alert - June 11, 2012 
5/8/2012 Md. RECs: Turn That Animal Waste into Thermal Energy Client Alert - May 8, 2012 
2/10/2012 An Uncomfortable Wake-Up Call For Dodd-Frank Regulators Client Alert - February 10, 2012 
1/20/2012 New Disclosure Requirements on Conflict Minerals and More: Coming Very Soon  
9/16/2011 Tapping into Alternatives Financing options for solar, wind and cogeneration 
8/19/2011 Can Sustainability Become the New Regulatory Paradigm? Sustainability, CleanTech and Climate Change Alert - August 19, 2011  
6/24/2011 Michigan Retools its Brownfield Redevelopment Program Client Alert - June 24, 2011 
6/21/2011 No Surprises Here: The U.S. Supreme Court Holds That the Clean Air Act and EPA’s Actions Displace Plaintiffs’ Federal Nuisance Claims Based on GHG Emissions Client Alert - June 21, 2011 
6/15/2011 A Big Sustainability Shoe Drops: Interim Rule Will Amend the Federal Acquisition Regulation Client Alert - June 15, 2011 
2/11/2011 Class Action Lawsuit Against USGBC, Take Two: New Cast of Characters, Same Story Line, Alleging False Advertising and Deceptive Trade Practices Client Alert - February 11, 2011 
1/19/2011 Sustainability Is Driving Toxic Chemicals  
1/3/2011 2011 – A Year of Sustainability Regulatory Actions? Sustainability, CleanTech and Climate Change Alert - January 3, 2011 
12/22/2010 Extension of Renewable Energy Tax Grants Comes Not a Moment Too Soon Sustainability, CleanTech and Climate Change Alert - December 22, 2010  
12/15/2010 Michigan Governor Signs Part 201 Reform Package Sustainability, CleanTech and Climate Change Alert - December 15, 2010 
12/14/2010 U.S. Supreme Court Will Decide if Electric Companies’ Lawful CO2 Emissions Are Nevertheless a ‘Public Nuisance’ Sustainability, CleanTech and Climate Change Alert - December 14, 2010 
11/24/2010 Understanding the Impact of Otter Tail on the Clean Air Act's Statute of Limitations  
10/8/2010 FTC Seeking Comments on Proposed Changes to its ‘Green Marketing’ Guidelines Sustainability, CleanTech and Climate Change Alert - October 8, 2010 
9/29/2010 New California Law Restricts the Use of Cadmium in Children’s Jewelry Client Alert - September 29, 2010 
8/4/2010 Green Building Codes: Will LEED Certification Requirements Be Replaced by Minimum Green Building Standards? Real Estate Update - August 2010 
6/8/2010 The North American Energy Summit: The Role of Canadian Oil Sands Imports in the U.S. Energy Future Sustainability, CleanTech and Climate Change Alert - June 8, 2010 
2/23/2010 Another Climate Change Shoe Drops: The SEC Climate Change Disclosure Guidance Sustainability, CleanTech and Climate Change Alert - February 23, 2010 
2/3/2010 More Green for Green: The President’s Proposed Budget Adds Substantial Funding for Renewable Energy Incentives Client Alert - February 3, 2010 
1/20/2010 Green for Green: Financial Incentives Available for Renewable Energy Development Client Alert - January 20, 2010 
11/23/2009 The Latest on Climate Change Canadian Update - Fourth Quarter 2009 
11/12/2009 Sustainable Energy, CleanTech and Climate Change: Update on New Developments India Update - Fourth Quarter 2009 
10/21/2009 Second and Fifth Circuits Open the Door to Climate Change Public Nuisance Lawsuits Sustainability, CleanTech and Climate Change Alert - October 21, 2009 
8/21/2009 Lead Limits: How Low Can They Go, and Are Your Products Meeting Them? Sustainability, CleanTech and Climate Change Alert - August 21, 2009 
8/18/2009 U.S.-India Update - Third Quarter 2009 U.S.-India Update - Third Quarter 2009 
8/14/2009 Treasury Notice 2009-72 with Application Rules for Section 48c Energy Tax Alert - August 14, 2009 
7/20/2009 Climate Change Legislation: It’s Time for Businesses to Take It Seriously Sustainability, CleanTech and Climate Change Alert - July 20, 2009 
7/13/2009 Treasury Releases Terms and Conditions for Renewable Energy Grant Program Sustainability, CleanTech and Climate Change Alert - July 13, 2009 
5/21/2009 EPA Proposes Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting Under Clean Air Act Sustainability, CleanTech and Climate Change Alert - May 21, 2009 
5/12/2009 The Sustainability Impact Assessment: What Should a Company Do? Part One Sustainability, CleanTech and Climate Change Alert - May 12, 2009 
5/8/2009 The Future of Climate Change and Energy Security Is Now: Funding Available for Developers of ‘Transformational’ Energy-Related Technologies Sustainability, CleanTech and Climate Change Alert - May 8, 2009 
5/4/2009 New Developments Could Alter GHG Emission Mandates Sustainability, CleanTech and Climate Change Alert - May 4, 2009 
3/16/2009 ‘Change’ Means a Comprehensive Climate-Change Statute Sustainability, CleanTech and Climate Change Alert - March 16, 2009 
2/18/2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Enhances Renewable Energy Tax Provisions Energy Tax Alert - February 18, 2009 
2/13/2009 Lead Limits Go into Effect for Children's Products Client Alert - February 12, 2009 
2/13/2009 The Regulation of Nanotechnology: The Times They Are A-Changin’ Sustainability, CleanTech and Climate Change Alert - February 2009 
12/23/2008 Ad Hoc Imposition of Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions Through Permit Challenges and Enforcement Actions Sustainability and Climate Change Alert - December 23, 2008 
12/10/2008 Existing Federal Climate Change Programs and Proposals Sustainability and Climate Change Client Alert - December 10, 2008 
11/12/2008 Five Ways to 'Green' Your Lease: Lease Considerations for LEED-EBOM Standards Real Estate Update - November 2008 
10/7/2008 New Bailout Legislation Contains Many Favorable Renewable Energy Tax Provisions Sustainability and Climate Change Client Alert - October 7, 2008 
9/3/2008 State and Local Governments Forge Ahead with Climate Change Legislation Energy Update - September 3, 2008 
4/30/2008 Sustainability Is Driving 'Toxic' Chemicals From Products Sustainability and Climate Change Alert - April 2008 
2/21/2008 The Greening of Federal Government Contractors Climate Change Alert - February 2008 
1/28/2008 The Economics of Preventing Climate Change Energy Update - January 2008 
11/12/2007 Climate Change Science - What Companies and Their Lawyers Need to Know Energy Update - November 2007 
10/19/2007 NJ's Proposed Freshwater Wetlands Rule Changes Will Further Impede Development Real Estate Update - October 19, 2007 
10/8/2007 SEC Climate Change Reporting Requirements and Developments Energy Update - October 2007 
9/6/2007 IRS Ruling Latest Development in String of Federal Energy Transmission and Distribution Systems Actions Energy Update - September 2007 
7/5/2007 Energy Update - July 2007 Energy Update - July 2007 
6/25/2007 Purchasing Peace of Mind: EPA's Expanding Audit Policy Empowers Business Purchasers to Self-Report Environmental Update - June 2007 
6/5/2007 Energy Update - June 5, 2007 Energy Update - June 5, 2007 
2/14/2007 All Appropriate Inquiry Rule Becomes Final Environmental Update, February 2007 
11/6/2006 An Evaluation of Chemical Contamination in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina  
11/8/2004 Proposed Final 'All Appropriate Inquiry' Rule Carries Surprises Environmental Law Alert, November 2004 
12/9/2003 Clash of the Titans: Bankruptcy Court Takes on FERC  
7/1/2003 U.S. Global Warming Programs and How They May Impact Your Company  
2/20/2003 OSHA Studies Changes to Material Safety Data Sheets  
12/20/2002 EPA Jumps on Corporate Disclosure Bandwagon Environmental Law Update - December 2002 
8/9/2001 OSHA Targets Lead Exposure in Workers

OSHA Client Alert - August 2001

6/18/2001 The Reality Versus the Rhetoric: The Environmental Policies, People and Process of the George W. Bush Administration  
4/26/2001 Renewable Energy - Bright Ideas for Brownfields  
8/15/2000 EPA Focuses on Telecommunications Industry Environmental Client Alert - August 2000 
8/4/2000 EPA Targeting Colleges and Universities for Enforcement Actions Environmental Client Alert - August 2000 
1/5/1999 Incentives for Environmental Innovation: Federal Programs that Reward Innovative Environmental Protection  

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