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2/23/2015 Caught in the Middle: What Is a Supplier Supposed to Do When Its Customers Ask to Use a DBE as a Pass-Through? Client Alert - February 23, 2015 
12/11/2014 New Jersey’s New Complex Business Litigation Program Offers Potential Advantages Construction Client Alert - December 11, 2014 
9/30/2013 Five Document Management Strategies that Reduce Burdens of E-Discovery in Construction Claims  
8/16/2013 Supreme Court of New Jersey Establishes Standard to Determine Whether a Party Implicitly Waived its Right to Arbitrate Client Alert - August 16, 2013 
8/2/2013 Superior Court of Pennsylvania Sets Forth Standard for Evaluating Whether an Insured Must Honor Consent to Settlement Clauses Client Alert - August 2, 2013 
6/14/2013 NIST Proposes Privacy Control Roadmap for Organizations Corporate and Securities Law Alert - June 14, 2013 
3/22/2013 Public Private Partnerships for Transportation Act Provides Partnership Opportunities to Private Firms in Pennsylvania Construction Client Alert - March 22, 2013 
2/25/2013 Smart Contracting for Green Design and Construction  
11/1/2012 Is Your DBE Performing a Commercially Useful Function? Enforcement Trends in DBE Fraud Cases White Collar Litigation and Investigations Newsletter - Vol. 2012, Issue 1 
6/21/2012 Pennsylvania Superior Court Holds that Unions May File Mechanics’ Liens Client Alert - June 21, 2012 
12/15/2011 Mitigation of Risk in Construction: Strategies for Reducing Risks and Maximizing Profitability McGraw-Hill Construction’s SmartMarket Report, sponsored by Navigant and Pepper Hamilton LLP 
9/2/2011 Enforcement Actions and Discharges of Liens Under Amendments to CLL  
1/17/2011 A Road Map to Preparing Claims on Behalf of Contractors and Subcontractors  
12/8/2010 Graterford Prison Project Procurement Enjoined: Ongoing Challenges to Pennsylvania’s ‘Innovative’ Procurement Methods for Time-Critical Projects Construction Client Alert - December 8, 2010 
11/10/2010 FCPA Update: With its Own 'Integrity Deficit,' Does the United States Have the Authority to Continue its Overseas Anti-Bribery Fight? Client Alert - November 10, 2010 
10/14/2010 Pennsylvania Cracks Down on Independent Contractor Misclassification in the Construction Industry: Governor Signs Law that Imposes Strict Standards, Substantial Fines and Criminal Penalties Client Alert - October 14, 2010 
9/17/2010 Fair Playing Field Act of 2010 Would End ‘Safe Harbor’ for Businesses Misclassifying Employees as Independent Contractors Client Alert - September 17, 2010 
9/9/2010 NYS Construction Industry Fair Play Act: An End to Independent Contractors?  
8/19/2010 Pennsylvania Superior Court Holds Unpaid Supplier's Right to Contract Funds Is Superior to Rights of Failed Contractor's Secured Bank Creditor and Bankruptcy Estate - Owner's Recovery of Attorneys' Fees in Interpleader Disallowed Construction Update - August 19, 2010 
8/9/2010 California Supreme Court Holds Public Entity May Be Liable to Contractor for Nondisclosure of Material Information Under Superior Knowledge Doctrine – Proof of Affirmative Concealment or Intentional Misrepresentation Not Required Construction Update - August 2010 
6/3/2010 Risk-Based Scheduling – A Primer Construction Client Alert - June 3, 2010 
5/18/2009 Addressing Risks of Intermediaries Filing for Bankruptcy in Section 1031 Exchanges Client Alert - May 18, 2009 
3/27/2009 Criminal Liability for Construction Accidents: Expanding Risk Requires Effective Compliance Response Construction Update - March 2009 
1/9/2009 A Roadmap to Requirements for Codes of Business Ethics and Conduct Government Contracts Update - January 2009 
12/30/2008 Recent Developments in the Application of Pennsylvania ‘Prompt Payment’ Statutes Construction Update, December 2008 
10/20/2008 Under New Pa. Rules, Third-Party Claims Against Design Professionals Don't Require Certificate of Merit Construction Update - October 2008 
5/14/2008 Managing Construction-Related Disputes in the Middle East Construction Update - May 2008 
3/31/2008 California Proposition 65: Confusion, Disbelief and Unanticipated Costs Sustainability and Climate Change Client Alert - March 2008 
3/6/2008 Developing Trends in Shifting Contractual Risk: States Restrict Indemnification Provisions Construction Update - March 2008 
11/28/2007 How to Control the Owner's Risk in a Commercial or Industrial Construction Contract Construction Update - December 2007 
10/18/2007 New Suite of Standard Construction Forms Published Construction Update - October 18, 2007 
10/8/2007 Be Aware of Changes in EJCDC Construction Documents Construction Update - October 2007 
5/29/2007 Bid-Rigging, Paying Loser Fees and Other Practices Lead to $104 Million Jury Verdict in 12-Year-Old Construction Fraud Case Construction Update - June 2007 
11/14/2006 NJDEP Proposed Flood Hazard Area Control Act Rules Could Wash Away New Development Real Estate Update - November 2006 
9/13/2006 New Jersey Amends Prompt Payment Law to Provide Standardized Process for Payment to Contractors Construction Update - September 2006 
6/20/2006 Commonwealth Court Strikes Down 'Best Value' Procurement for Construction Contracts Construction Update - June 2006 
12/12/2003 Insurance and the Construction Failure  
12/12/2003 Owner's Damages for Construction Defects: A Primer  

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