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10/30/2014 Data Breach: From the Inside Out Client Alert - October 30, 2014 
10/30/2014 Delaware Proposes New Bank Franchise Alternative Tax Apportionment Rule Client Alert - October 30, 2014 
10/28/2014 A Possible Game-Changer for 'Silent' Arbitration Clauses Client Alert - October 28, 2014 
10/23/2014 Recent Developments in PA and NJ Regarding Scope of Privilege for Health Care Facilities Engaged in Peer Reviews and Self-Critical Analysis Health Care Alert - October 23, 2014 
10/23/2014 Conquering Spamalot: Canada’s New Anti-Spam Legislation Privacy and Security Client Alert - October 23, 2014 
10/20/2014 Ebola: Legal Considerations for Health Care Employers Client Alert - October 20, 2014 
10/20/2014 A New Trend in Reducing Pension Obligations in Chapter 9?  
10/16/2014 When Your General Contractor Files Bankruptcy  
10/13/2014 New Regulations, Same Old Procedures: CDPH Penalties Become More Complex  
10/10/2014 FHA Multifamily Rental Project Closing Document Revisions MAP Update - October 10, 2014 

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