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Role of a College Board of Trustees Webinar Highlights

Speakers: Barbara W. Mather, Matthew C. Dolan, Omar Y. McNeill and David P. Roselle Ph.D.


Podcast Category: Education

Effective governance and oversight is a critical function for college and university boards of trustees. Recent scandals at prestigious universities, at least one of which resulted in significant sanctions and monetary penalties for failure to properly oversee university officials, illustrate just how important proper governance and oversight are - and how devastating an oversight failure can be. College presidents, athletic directors, head coaches and other senior administrators have ethics and compliance responsibilities - but ultimately the buck stops with the board when it comes to upholding ethics and compliance.

This podcast is a short collection of highlights from a Pepper-Freeh Group Higher Education Webinar that featured Omar Y. McNeill, partner, Pepper Hamilton LLP and member of the Education Risk Counseling, Investigations and Litigation Services Team; Barbara W. Mather, partner, Pepper Hamilton LLP and former chair, Swarthmore College Board of Managers; Matthew Dolan, managing director, Freeh Group International Solutions, LLC and former general counsel, United States Naval Academy; and David P. Roselle, Ph.D., former president, University of Kentucky and University of Delaware.

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