Our People
Our People
Name   Title   Office(s)   Phone   E-Mail
Gail E. Sanchez-Joseph   Paralegal   New York
  212.382.7045   sanchezg@pepperlaw.com
Lori A. Sauselein   Paralegal   Wilmington
  302.777.6571   sauseleinl@pepperlaw.com
Lacey D. Selman   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4228   selmanl@pepperlaw.com
Ashleigh Shipe   Paralegal   Washington, D.C.
  202.220.1611   shipea@pepperlaw.com
MaryBeth M. Sia   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4542   siam@pepperlaw.com
Erica S. Silverman   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4048   silvermane@pepperlaw.com
Danielle Simard   Paralegal   Boston
  617.204.5199   simardd@pepperlaw.com
Nicole┬áT. Sodko   Paralegal   Detroit
  248.359.7724   sodkon@pepperlaw.com
Kristen M. Sween   Paralegal   Washington, D.C.
  202.220.1581   sweenk@pepperlaw.com
Kelsey E. Sweeney   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4510   sweeneyk@pepperlaw.com

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