Our People
Our People
Name   Title   Office(s)   Phone   E-Mail
Marc D. Machlin   Partner   Washington, D.C.
  202.220.1439   machlinm@pepperlaw.com
Suzanne Forbis Mack   Associate   Philadelphia
  215.981.4983   macks@pepperlaw.com
Edward W. Madeira Jr.   Senior Counsel   Philadelphia
  215.981.4353   madeirae@pepperlaw.com
Thomas J. Madigan   Partner   Pittsburgh
  412.454.5883   madigant@pepperlaw.com
David M. Magee   Of Counsel   Boston
  617.204.5187   mageed@pepperlaw.com
Matthew J. Maguire   Of Counsel   Berwyn
  610.640.7829   maguirem@pepperlaw.com
Jennifer L. Maher   Associate   Philadelphia
  215.981.4277   maherj@pepperlaw.com
Noah V. Malgeri   Associate   Boston
  617.204.5128   malgerin@pepperlaw.com
Michael J. Mann   Partner   Princeton
  609.951.4174   mannm@pepperlaw.com
Charles S. Marion   Partner   Philadelphia
  215.981.4119   marionc@pepperlaw.com
Robin E. Martin   Senior Attorney, Discovery Services   Philadelphia
  215.981.4206   martinr@pepperlaw.com
Barbara W. Mather   Partner   Philadelphia
  215.981.4895   matherb@pepperlaw.com
Sean-Tamba Matthew   Associate   Philadelphia
  215.981.4391   matthews@pepperlaw.com
A. John May, III   Partner   Berwyn
  610.640.7819   mayj@pepperlaw.com
Frank A. Mayer, III   Partner   Philadelphia
  215.981.4632   mayerf@pepperlaw.com
Amy G. McAndrew   Of Counsel   Berwyn
  610.640.7824   mcandrewa@pepperlaw.com
Alison L. McCarthy   Of Counsel   Boston
  617.204.5109   mccarthya@pepperlaw.com
Sean P. McConnell   Associate   Philadelphia
  215.981.4252   mcconnells@pepperlaw.com
Leah R. McCoy   Associate   Boston
  617.204.5184   mccoyl@pepperlaw.com
Sean P. McDevitt   Partner   Berwyn
Daniel W. McDonough   Partner   Berwyn
  610.640.7821   mcdonoughd@pepperlaw.com
Bryana T. McGillycuddy   Associate   Boston
  617.204.5171   mcgillycuddyb@pepperlaw.com
John J. McGrath, III   Associate   Philadelphia
  215.981.4816   mcgrathj@pepperlaw.com
Yvonne M. McKenzie   Partner   Philadelphia
  215.981.4171   mckenziey@pepperlaw.com
James G. McMillan   Senior Attorney   Wilmington
  302.777.6556   mcmillanj@pepperlaw.com
Hannah Dowd McPhelin   Partner   Harrisburg
Timothy R. McTaggart   Partner   Washington, D.C.
  202.220.1210   mctaggartt@pepperlaw.com
Evelyn J. Meltzer   Partner   Wilmington
  302.777.6532   meltzere@pepperlaw.com
Griffin Mesmer   Associate   Boston
  617.443.3742   mesmerg@pepperlaw.com
Adam B. Michaels   Of Counsel   New York
  212.808.2746   michaelsa@pepperlaw.com
Christopher S. Miller   Partner   Berwyn
  610.640.7837   millerc@pepperlaw.com
J. Gregg Miller   Attorney   Philadelphia
  215.981.4085   millerj@pepperlaw.com
Maria E. Miller   Associate   Philadelphia
  215.981.4516   millerme@pepperlaw.com
Michael A. Miller   Attorney   Pittsburgh
  412.454.5080   millerma@pepperlaw.com
Raymond A. Miller   Partner   Pittsburgh
  412.454.5813   millerra@pepperlaw.com
Tanneika A. Minott   Associate   Philadelphia
  215.981.4846   minottt@pepperlaw.com
Mead Misic   Associate   Boston
  617.204.5144   misicm@pepperlaw.com
Jay R. Mitchell   Project Attorney   Philadelphia
  215.981.4664   mitchelljr@pepperlaw.com
Benjamin Mittman   Senior Attorney   Philadelphia
  215.981.4482   mittmanb@pepperlaw.com
Reza Mollaaghababa   Partner   Boston
  617.204.5168   mollaaghababar@pepperlaw.com
Rebekah A. Z. Monson   Senior Attorney   Philadelphia
  215.981.4031   monsonr@pepperlaw.com
Christopher J. Moran   Partner   Philadelphia
  215.981.4169   moranc@pepperlaw.com
David A. Morris   Associate   Philadelphia
  215.981.4879   morrisd@pepperlaw.com
Harry E. Moseley   Associate   Philadelphia
  215.981.4067   moseleyh@pepperlaw.com
Jeffrey R. Mullen   Associate   Philadelphia
  215.981.4349   mullenj@pepperlaw.com
Kathleen A. Mullen   Of Counsel   Harrisburg
  717.255.1162   mullenk@pepperlaw.com
Courtney A. Munnings   Associate   Philadelphia
  215.981.4776   munningsc@pepperlaw.com
Joseph F. Murphy   Associate   Philadelphia
  215.981.4940   murphyjf@pepperlaw.com
G. Richard Murphy   Associate   Pittsburgh
  412.454.5880   murphyg@pepperlaw.com
Daniel G. Murray   Partner   Princeton
  609.951.4202   murrayd@pepperlaw.com
James L. Murray   Director of Strategic Services   Philadelphia
  215.981.4551   murrayj@pepperlaw.com
Terry L. Mutchler   Of Counsel   Philadelphia
  215.981.4403   mutchlert@pepperlaw.com

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