Our People
Our People
Name   Title   Office(s)   Phone   E-Mail
W. Roderick Gagne   Partner   Philadelphia
  215.981.4695   gagner@pepperlaw.com
Michael P. Gallagher   Partner   Berwyn
  610.640.7807   gallaghermp@pepperlaw.com
Robert A. Gallagher   Associate   Pittsburgh
  412.454.5018   gallagherr@pepperlaw.com
Thomas M. Gallagher   Partner   Philadelphia
  215.981.4068   gallaghert@pepperlaw.com
Tuhin Ganguly   Associate   Washington, D.C.
  202.220.1247   gangulyt@pepperlaw.com
Wesley T. Gee   Associate   Washington, D.C.
  202.220.1268   geew@pepperlaw.com
Brett M. Gelbord   Associate   Detroit
  248.359.7326   gelbordb@pepperlaw.com
Karen E. Gelula   Senior Attorney   Philadelphia
  215.981.4380   gelulak@pepperlaw.com
William Gibson   Associate   Princeton
  609.951.4141   gibsonw@pepperlaw.com
James T. Giles   Of Counsel   Philadelphia
  215.981.4131   gilesj@pepperlaw.com
Amy B. Ginensky   Partner   Philadelphia
  215.981.4315   ginenskya@pepperlaw.com
Lana A. Gladstein   Partner   Boston
  617.204.5129   gladsteinl@pepperlaw.com
Katherine M. Glaser   Associate   Philadelphia
  215.981.4001   glaserk@pepperlaw.com
Stephanie M. Godfrey   Associate   Philadelphia
  215.981.4473   godfreys@pepperlaw.com
Simeon Gold   Of Counsel   New York
  212.808.2749   golds@pepperlaw.com
Howard S. Goldberg   Partner   Philadelphia
  215.981.4955   goldbergh@pepperlaw.com
Jeffrey M. Goldman   Associate   Orange County
Los Angeles
Leslie M. Gomez   Partner   Philadelphia
  215.981.4522   gomezl@pepperlaw.com
Alexander D. Gonzalez   Associate   Philadelphia
  215.981.4798   gonzaleza@pepperlaw.com
Adam J. Goodman   Associate   Philadelphia
  215.981.4218   goodmanaj@pepperlaw.com
Yehudah Gordon   Associate   New York
  212.808.2719   gordony@pepperlaw.com
Ann B. Graff   Partner   Pittsburgh
  412.454.5895   graffa@pepperlaw.com
M. Duncan Grant   Partner   Philadelphia
Donald H. Green   Of Counsel   Washington, D.C.
  202.220.1213   greendh@pepperlaw.com
Jennifer K. Green   Associate   Philadelphia
  215.981.4573   greenjk@pepperlaw.com
Matthew M. Greenberg   Partner   Wilmington
  302.777.6585   greenbergm@pepperlaw.com
Stacey I. Gregory   Associate   Philadelphia
Frank H. Griffin, IV   Associate   Philadelphia
  215.981.4247   griffinf@pepperlaw.com
Ted R. Gropman   Partner   Los Angeles
  213.928.9812   gropmant@pepperlaw.com
Joseph C. Guagliardo   Partner   Philadelphia
  215.981.4865   guagliardoj@pepperlaw.com
Karl Gunderson   Associate   Philadelphia
  215.981.4498   gundersonk@pepperlaw.com
Kaitlin M. Gurney   Associate   Philadelphia
  215.981.4990   gurneyk@pepperlaw.com
Nina M. Gussack   Partner   Philadelphia
  215.981.4950   gussackn@pepperlaw.com

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