Our People
Our People
Name   Title   Office(s)   Phone   E-Mail
Edward T. Dartley   Partner   New York
  212.808.2728   dartleye@pepperlaw.com
Suparna Datta   Associate   Boston
  617.204.5110   dattas@pepperlaw.com
Evan W. Davis   Associate   Philadelphia
  215.981.4245   davisew@pepperlaw.com
Jessica Kozlov Davis   Attorney   Philadelphia
  215.981.4830   davisj@pepperlaw.com
Melissa H. Davis   Associate   Boston
  617.204.5167   davismh@pepperlaw.com
Christopher M. De Bono   Associate   New York
  212.808.2710   debonoc@pepperlaw.com
Dennis DeFino, Jr.   Associate   Philadelphia
  215.981.4561   definod@pepperlaw.com
Joseph V. Del Raso   Partner   Philadelphia
  215.981.4506   delrasoj@pepperlaw.com
Allison DeLaurentis   Associate   Philadelphia
  215.981.4050   delaurentisa@pepperlaw.com
Matthew V. DelDuca   Partner   Princeton
  609.951.4187   delducam@pepperlaw.com
Mark DeLuca   Partner   Berwyn
Raymond L. DeLuca   Partner   Philadelphia
  215.981.4660   delucar@pepperlaw.com
ValĂ©rie Demont   Partner   New York
  212.808.2745   demontv@pepperlaw.com
Donald J. Detweiler   Partner   Wilmington
  302.777.6524   detweilerd@pepperlaw.com
Francis P. Devine, III   Partner   Philadelphia
  215.981.4230   devinef@pepperlaw.com
Tracey E. Diamond   Senior Attorney   Philadelphia
  215.981.4869   diamondt@pepperlaw.com
Mary L. Dickson   Partner   Los Angeles
Orange County
Robert W. Diehl   Attorney   Harrisburg
  717.255.1120   diehlr@pepperlaw.com
Kristen E. DiMaria   Attorney   Philadelphia
  215.981.4545   dimariak@pepperlaw.com
John B. DiMascio   Associate   Pittsburgh
  412.454.5801   dimascioj@pepperlaw.com
Kyle A. Dolinsky   Associate   Philadelphia
  215.981.4907   dolinskyk@pepperlaw.com
Delia C. Donahue   Partner   Princeton
  609.951.4149   donahuedc@pepperlaw.com
Gregory C. Dorris   Partner   Washington, D.C.
  202.220.1224   dorrisg@pepperlaw.com
Brian P. Downey   Partner   Harrisburg
  717.255.1192   downeyb@pepperlaw.com
Jay A. Dubow   Partner   Philadelphia
  215.981.4713   dubowj@pepperlaw.com
Amanda Gilmore Duckworth   Associate   Washington, D.C.
  202.220.1263   duckwortha@pepperlaw.com
John P. Duke   Partner   Berwyn
  610.640.7839   dukej@pepperlaw.com
Sammy G. Duncan, Jr.   Attorney   Pittsburgh
  412.454.5824   duncans@pepperlaw.com
Paul C. Dunn   Associate   Philadelphia
  215.981.4864   dunnp@pepperlaw.com
Michael H. Durbin   Associate   Washington, D.C.
  202.220.1272   durbinm@pepperlaw.com
Thomas P. Dwyer   Partner   Philadelphia
  215.981.4603   dwyert@pepperlaw.com

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