Our People
Our People
Name   Title   Office(s)   Phone   E-Mail
Jessica K. Bae   Associate   Philadelphia
  215.981.4122   baej@pepperlaw.com
Lauren M. Balsamo   Associate   Philadelphia
  215.981.4958   balsamol@pepperlaw.com
Trevor L. Bannister   Associate   Pittsburgh
  412.454.5008   bannistert@pepperlaw.com
James J. Barnes   Partner   Pittsburgh
  412.454.5004   barnesj@pepperlaw.com
Albert Llosas Barrueco   Associate   New York
  212.808.2731   barruecoa@pepperlaw.com
Janet B. Barsky   Attorney   New York
  212.808.2726   barskyj@pepperlaw.com
Gene T. Barton, Jr.   Partner   Boston
  617.204.5169   bartong@pepperlaw.com
Barak A. Bassman   Partner   Philadelphia
  215.981.4771   bassmanb@pepperlaw.com
Michael E. Baughman   Partner   Philadelphia
  215.981.4964   baughmanm@pepperlaw.com
Raymond N. Baum   Partner   Pittsburgh
  412.454.5074   baumr@pepperlaw.com
William D. Belanger   Partner   Boston
  617.204.5101   belangerw@pepperlaw.com
Yuliya Benina   Associate   Princeton
  609.951.4128   beninay@pepperlaw.com
Brian A. Berkley   Associate   Philadelphia
  215.981.4198   berkleyb@pepperlaw.com
Norman B. Berlin   Partner   Philadelphia
  215.981.4468   berlinn@pepperlaw.com
Kristopher Berr   Associate   Philadelphia
  215.981.4478   berrk@pepperlaw.com
Todd W. Betke   Of Counsel   Washington, D.C.
  202.220.1221   betket@pepperlaw.com
Tina (Minal) Bhanshali   Senior Attorney   Los Angeles
Orange County
Patrick J. Bianchi   Associate   Philadelphia
  215.981.4582   bianchip@pepperlaw.com
Brittany Birnbaum   Associate   Philadelphia
  215.981.4618   birnbaumb@pepperlaw.com
Gregory S. Bishop   Partner   Silicon Valley
  650.802.3601   bishopg@pepperlaw.com
Jessica A. Bisignano   Associate   Philadelphia
  215.981.4433   bisignanoj@pepperlaw.com
Mark S. Blaskey   Partner   Philadelphia
  215.981.4837   blaskeym@pepperlaw.com
Martin S. Bloor   Partner   New York
  212.808.2733   bloorm@pepperlaw.com
J. Bradley Boericke   Partner   Philadelphia
  215.981.4790   boerickej@pepperlaw.com
Yale H. Bohn   Special Counsel   Princeton
  609.951.4112   bohny@pepperlaw.com
Barry H. Boise   Partner   Philadelphia
  215.981.4591   boiseb@pepperlaw.com
Daniel J. Boland   Partner   Philadelphia
  215.981.4399   bolandd@pepperlaw.com
Steven D. Bortnick   Partner   Princeton
New York
Christina M. Boston   Associate   Philadelphia
  215.981.4857   bostonc@pepperlaw.com
Christopher Boundy   Associate   Boston
  617.204.5185   boundyc@pepperlaw.com
Ryan B. Bowers   Attorney   Detroit
  248.359.7745   bowersr@pepperlaw.com
Todd Philip Boylan   Associate   Berwyn
  610.640.7854   boylant@pepperlaw.com
Tambry Lynette Bradford   Special Counsel   Los Angeles
Orange County
George W. Braun   Partner   Philadelphia
  215.981.4650   braung@pepperlaw.com
Kelly Bryan Braun   Of Counsel   Pittsburgh
  412.454.5007   braunk@pepperlaw.com
Stefanie L. Brennan   Associate   Pittsburgh
  412.454.5059   brennansl@pepperlaw.com
William J. Brennan, IV   Partner   Philadelphia
  215.981.4279   brennanw@pepperlaw.com
Robert A. Brooks   Partner   Boston
  617.204.5143   brooksr@pepperlaw.com
James R. Bucknam   Of Counsel   New York
  212.808.2705   bucknamj@pepperlaw.com
Desa L. Burton   Associate   Philadelphia
  215.981.4095   burtond@pepperlaw.com
Rachael M. Bushey   Partner   Philadelphia
  215.981.4803   busheyr@pepperlaw.com

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