Name   Title   Office(s)   Phone   E-Mail
Eve K. Egerter   Legal Nurse Consultant   Philadelphia
  215.981.4504   egertere@pepperlaw.com
Kathryn M. Graham   Director of Professional Recruitment   Philadelphia
  215.981.4043   grahamk@pepperlaw.com
Scott Green   Chief Executive Officer   New York
Barbara H. Grugan   Senior Regulatory Compliance Specialist   Philadelphia
  215.981.4032   gruganb@pepperlaw.com
Linda M. Harner   Senior Tax Accountant   Philadelphia
  215.981.4377   harnerl@pepperlaw.com
Diane L. Mastrovito   Senior Pro Bono Coordinator   Philadelphia
  215.981.4557   mastrovitod@pepperlaw.com
James L. Murray   Director of Strategic Services   Philadelphia
  215.981.4551   murrayj@pepperlaw.com
John Pooler   Chief Administrative Officer   Philadelphia
  215.981.4013   poolerj@pepperlaw.com
Margaret A. Suender   Senior Director of Professional Development & Recruitment   Philadelphia
  215.981.4657   suenderm@pepperlaw.com
Erin P. Weinlick   Registered Patent Agent   Philadelphia
  215.981.4698   weinlicke@pepperlaw.com

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