Name   Title   Office(s)   Phone   E-Mail
Alejandro O. Aguayo   Senior Paralegal   Washington, D.C.
  202.220.1200   aguayoa@pepperlaw.com
Miguel R. Aguilo-Seara   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4625   aguilom@pepperlaw.com
Rannica Aing   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4627   aingr@pepperlaw.com
Karen Aloia   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4544   aloiak@pepperlaw.com
Anna Amrhein   Paralegal   Washington, D.C.
  202.220.1438   amrheina@pepperlaw.com
Aparna Balasubramaniam   Senior Paralegal   Princeton
  609.452.4191   balaa@pepperlaw.com
Allison R. Ballinger   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4868   ballingera@pepperlaw.com
Lori A. Beckman   Paralegal   Detroit
  248.359.7722   beckmanl@pepperlaw.com
Jennifer Besa   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4836   besaj@pepperlaw.com
Pamela K. Bishop   Paralegal   Harrisburg
  717.255.1152   bishopp@pepperlaw.com
Victoria L. Blume   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4448   blumev@pepperlaw.com
Jody L. Burtner   Paralegal   Pittsburgh
  412.454.5061   burtnerj@pepperlaw.com
Bridget K. Casey   Senior Paralegal   New York
  212.808.2748   caseyb@pepperlaw.com
Brittany M. Charles   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4862   charlesb@pepperlaw.com
Scott J. Chernoff   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4876   chernoffs@pepperlaw.com
Rose M. Collier   Paralegal   Pittsburgh
  412.454.5815   collierr@pepperlaw.com
Anne B. Cook   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4438   cooka@pepperlaw.com
Christopher A. Cortese   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4055   cortesec@pepperlaw.com
MaryAnn Crawford   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4411   crawfordm@pepperlaw.com
Margaret J. Dale   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4488   dalem@pepperlaw.com
Jacqueline Y. Eastridge   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4815   eastridgej@pepperlaw.com
Susan Ferrara   Paralegal   Princeton
  609.951.4103   ferraras@pepperlaw.com
Wesley S. Fieldcamp   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4759   fieldcampw@pepperlaw.com
Prudence N. Fink   Paralegal   Pittsburgh
  412.454.5044   finkp@pepperlaw.com
Nancy O. Foley   Senior Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4387   foleyn@pepperlaw.com
Beth A. Frankenfield   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4513   frankenfieldb@pepperlaw.com
Nancy Freedman   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4439   freedmann@pepperlaw.com
Jacob E. Glackman   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4874   glackmanj@pepperlaw.com
Alex Hamilton   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4877   hamiltonal@pepperlaw.com
Peggianne Hardin   Paralegal   Wilmington
  302.777.6573   hardinp@pepperlaw.com
Erin M. Hennessey   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4785   hennesseye@pepperlaw.com
Susan M. Henry   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4887   henrys@pepperlaw.com
Robert W. Hepp   Senior Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4442   heppr@pepperlaw.com
Angela T. Heukeshoven   Paralegal   Pittsburgh
  412.454.5022   heukeshovena@pepperlaw.com
Melissa Heyward   Paralegal   New York
  212.808.2700   heywardm@pepperlaw.com
Catherine T. Hill   Paralegal   Berwyn
  610.640.5430   hillct@pepperlaw.com
Chelsea N. Hipp   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4703   hippc@pepperlaw.com
Courtney A. Hsieh   Senior Paralegal   Washington, D.C.
  202.220.1453   hsiehc@pepperlaw.com
Rebecca S. Hudson   Paralegal   Wilmington
  302.777.6594   hudsonr@pepperlaw.com
Debra S. June   Paralegal   Harrisburg
  717.255.1167   juned@pepperlaw.com
Cara D. Kaplan   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4638   kaplanc@pepperlaw.com
Jeannette A. Klink   Paralegal   Princeton
  609.951.4154   klinkj@pepperlaw.com
Christopher Lano   Paralegal   Wilmington
  302.777.6584   lanoc@pepperlaw.com
Jeanne M. Ledwell   Senior Paralegal   Boston
  617.204.5149   ledwellj@pepperlaw.com
Darcy Lee   Paralegal   Wilmington
  302.777.6551   leeda@pepperlaw.com
Catherine Leneweaver   Paralegal   Wilmington
  302.777.6543   leneweaverc@pepperlaw.com
Christopher A. Lewis   Paralegal   Wilmington
  302.777.6590   lewisc@pepperlaw.com
Katherine Lundie   Paralegal   Washington, D.C.
  202.220.1425   lundiek@pepperlaw.com
Donna Maddox   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4720   maddoxd@pepperlaw.com
Ladonna Mahecha   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4071   mahechal@pepperlaw.com
Anna J. Malec   Paralegal   Wilmington
  302.777.6505   maleca@pepperlaw.com
Christina Mancheno   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4705   manchenoc@pepperlaw.com
Judith P. Matour   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4199   matourj@pepperlaw.com
Christiane Matuch   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4397   matuchc@pepperlaw.com
Ashley V. McDonough   Paralegal   Boston
  617.204.5174   mcdonougha@pepperlaw.com
Angelica McMahon   Paralegal   Boston
  617.443.3736   mcmahona@pepperlaw.com
Mauricio Mena   Paralegal   Los Angeles
Orange County
Peter T Moran   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4687   moranp@pepperlaw.com
Heather L. Papaleo   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4787   papaleoh@pepperlaw.com
Kimberly K. Perez   Paralegal   Harrisburg
  717.255.1186   perezk@pepperlaw.com
Kimberly A. Petrolo   Paralegal   Pittsburgh
  412.454.5079   petrolok@pepperlaw.com
Erica Place   Senior Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4971   placee@pepperlaw.com
Christa G. Puskarich   Senior Paralegal   Pittsburgh
  412.454.5888   puskarichc@pepperlaw.com
Pamela Putnam   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4432   putnamp@pepperlaw.com
Cynthia L. Reynolds   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4622   reynoldsc@pepperlaw.com
Chelsea N. Rierson   Paralegal   Washington, D.C.
  202.220.1599   riersonc@pepperlaw.com
Samantha D. Rizzo   Paralegal   New York
  212.382.7024   rizzosd@pepperlaw.com
Sydney V. Robbins   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4118   robbinss@pepperlaw.com
Kathryn J. Romano   Senior Paralegal   Los Angeles
Orange County
Alyssa Roy   Paralegal   Boston
  617.204.5190   roya@pepperlaw.com
Gail E. Sanchez-Joseph   Paralegal   New York
  212.382.7045   sanchezg@pepperlaw.com
Lori A. Sauselein   Paralegal   Wilmington
  302.777.6571   sauseleinl@pepperlaw.com
Lacey D. Selman   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4228   selmanl@pepperlaw.com
Ashleigh Shipe   Paralegal   Washington, D.C.
  202.220.1611   shipea@pepperlaw.com
MaryBeth M. Sia   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4542   siam@pepperlaw.com
Erica S. Silverman   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4048   silvermane@pepperlaw.com
Danielle Simard   Paralegal   Boston
  617.204.5199   simardd@pepperlaw.com
Nicole┬áT. Sodko   Paralegal   Detroit
  248.359.7724   sodkon@pepperlaw.com
Kristen M. Sween   Paralegal   Washington, D.C.
  202.220.1581   sweenk@pepperlaw.com
Kelsey E. Sweeney   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4510   sweeneyk@pepperlaw.com
Eric Teodoro   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4979   teodoroe@pepperlaw.com
Erin Tornabene   Paralegal   New York
  212.382.7029   tornabenee@pepperlaw.com
Mark J. Walko   Paralegal   New York
  212.382.7028   walkom@pepperlaw.com
Christopher Walsh   Senior Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4404   walshc@pepperlaw.com
Mary Pat Walsh   Paralegal   Philadelphia
  215.981.4332   walshm@pepperlaw.com
Paula J. Watson   Senior Paralegal   Pittsburgh
  412.454.5881   watsonp@pepperlaw.com

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