Name   Title   Office(s)   Phone   E-Mail
Gene T. Barton, Jr.   Partner   Boston
  617.204.5169   bartong@pepperlaw.com
William D. Belanger   Partner   Boston
  617.204.5101   belangerw@pepperlaw.com
Christopher Boundy   Associate   Boston
  617.204.5185   boundyc@pepperlaw.com
Robert A. Brooks   Partner   Boston
  617.204.5143   brooksr@pepperlaw.com
Robert Y. Chow   Partner   Boston
  617.204.5121   chowr@pepperlaw.com
Jeffrey S. Clark   Associate   Boston
  617.204.5152   clarkjs@pepperlaw.com
Suparna Datta   Associate   Boston
  617.204.5110   dattas@pepperlaw.com
Melissa H. Davis   Associate   Boston
  617.204.5167   davismh@pepperlaw.com
Ryan C. Deck   Associate   Boston
  617.204.5166   deckr@pepperlaw.com
Weatherly Ralph Emans   Associate   Boston
  617.204.5139   emansw@pepperlaw.com
Thomas J. Engellenner   Partner   Boston
  617.204.5189   engellennert@pepperlaw.com
Jaclyn M. Essinger   Associate   Boston
  617.443.3711   essingerj@pepperlaw.com
Todd A. Feinsmith   Partner   Boston
  617.204.5145   feinsmitht@pepperlaw.com
Alexandra C. Fennell   Partner   Boston
  617.204.5158   fennella@pepperlaw.com
George S. Haight, IV   Associate   Boston
  617.204.5165   haightg@pepperlaw.com
Caleb H. Hogan   Associate   Boston
  617.204.5118   hoganc@pepperlaw.com
Shirley R. Kuhlmann   Associate   Boston
  617.204.5125   kuhlmanns@pepperlaw.com
Megan E. Lantto   Associate   Boston
  617.204.5127   lanttom@pepperlaw.com
Gregory D. Len   Associate   Boston
  617.204.5156   leng@pepperlaw.com
Frank D. Liu   Associate   Boston
  617.204.5117   liuf@pepperlaw.com
Steven R. London   Partner   Boston
  617.204.5107   londons@pepperlaw.com
David M. Magee   Of Counsel   Boston
  617.204.5187   mageed@pepperlaw.com
Noah V. Malgeri   Associate   Boston
  617.204.5128   malgerin@pepperlaw.com
Alison L. McCarthy   Of Counsel   Boston
  617.204.5109   mccarthya@pepperlaw.com
Leah R. McCoy   Associate   Boston
  617.204.5184   mccoyl@pepperlaw.com
Bryana T. McGillycuddy   Associate   Boston
  617.204.5171   mcgillycuddyb@pepperlaw.com
Griffin Mesmer   Associate   Boston
  617.443.3742   mesmerg@pepperlaw.com
Mead Misic   Associate   Boston
  617.204.5144   misicm@pepperlaw.com
Reza Mollaaghababa   Partner   Boston
  617.204.5168   mollaaghababar@pepperlaw.com
Andrew W. Schultz   Associate   Boston
  617.204.5176   schultza@pepperlaw.com
Daniel R. Sieck   Associate   Boston
  617.204.5146   sieckd@pepperlaw.com
Nicholas A. Stawasz   Associate   Boston
  617.204.5140   stawaszn@pepperlaw.com
Gwendolyn Tawresey   Associate   Boston
  617.204.5132   tawreseyg@pepperlaw.com
William M. Taylor   Associate   Boston
  617.204.5186   taylorw@pepperlaw.com
L. Andrew Tseng   Associate   Boston
  617.204.5122   tsenga@pepperlaw.com

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