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Pepper Ranked Highly for Providing Best Value in National Survey of General Counsel


Pepper was ranked as one of the leading firms in the country at providing value for the dollar in BTI Consulting’s 2013 Client Service A-Team Survey. Pepper was one of just 13 firms ranked highly by clients for exceeding expectations, recommending clear decisions on complex issues, offering extensive research and background materials on regulatory issues, and keeping clients constantly aware of their legal risk profile.

“Discerning clients know that high fees and high value are not the same thing," Pepper CEO Scott Green said. "Clients want results. And they want to get results in a smart, cost-effective manner, where the right lawyers at the right level are efficiently working on the right tasks at the right time. This helps drive value for fees, a concept Pepper continues to drive aggressively.”

Law360 wrote about the survey results.

More information about the survey is available at www.bticlientserviceateam.com.