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Ira M. Schulman Quoted in Law360 Article on Tappan Zee Rebuild


Pepper partner Ira M. Schulman is quoted in the February 25, 2013 issue of Law360 in the article, "Tappan Zee Rebuild Gains Steam But Lawsuit Threat Remains."

Battling over the nuts and bolts of mixing zones and the like puts Riverkeeper in the important — if somewhat lonely — position of watchdog, according to Pepper Hamilton LLP construction practice group partner Ira M. Schulman, who said any bid to block the bridge at this stage likely is doomed.

"The bridge is going to be built. All of the momentum points in that direction," Schulman said. "But there is often room for movement on environmental concerns." Schulman regards murky subjects like mixing zones as "doubtful" avenues of attack, but he sees other concerns expressed by Riverkeeper as far more viable.

The full article is available online at http://www.law360.com/articles/417817/tappan-zee-rebuild-gains-steam-but-lawsuit-threat-remains.