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Former FBI Director Louis Freeh Addresses Italian Association of Magistrates on Importance of Anti-Corruption Efforts


On November 28, 2012, Louis J. Freeh, the former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, addressed UNICOST, the National Association of Magistrates District of Rome, on the importance of anticorruption reform in international business.

Judge Freeh’s discussion comes at an important time, as the Italian Parliament in recent weeks has taken step to confront corruption by passing a new law intended to address influence peddling, as well as corruption among companies in the private sector and enhancing penalties for other bribery offenses. Coming at a time when corruption scandals have been front page news across Italy, the legislation is seen as an important component of Prime Minister Mario Monti’s efforts to reform public finance, improve foreign investment and enhance public confidence in government. Judge Freeh’s remarks come on the same day that the new Italian law will take effect.

Based on his experience in the public and private sectors, Judge Freeh will discuss the increasing attention paid to anti-corruption laws by governments around the world. Nations have been enhancing anti-corruption laws and increasing enforcement of existing laws. As a result, corporate leaders across the globe have increased attention to efforts to operate lawfully and ethically in today’s global economy. These steps are necessary to meet shareholder expectations and avoid the financial and reputational harm that can result from a violation.

At the UNICOST event, Judge Freeh discussed the compliance steps that organizations can take to advance the anti-corruption effort. From his experience as a court-appointed compliance monitor, Judge Freeh discussed the importance of an organization setting an appropriate leadership tone for its ethical and lawful operations. He also explained other steps that can be taken to ensure a company remains in compliance with the wide range of laws affecting international commerce.

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