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Obama and Romney - What Would They Do For (Or To) You?

Speakers: Richard P. Eckman, Timothy R. McTaggart and Frank Salinger


The first presidential debate is over – but the discussion of financial services regulation is bound to continue to intensify. Whatever the choice the voters make in November, it's likely that the current federal regulatory approach to the financial services industry will continue to change dramatically. We've all heard the campaign rhetoric, but few have probed deeply into the specifics of both candidates' positions on matters affecting financial services business.

What would a second Obama term mean for financial service providers already learning how to operate in a post Dodd-Frank and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau world? What would a Romney administration mean for Wall Street, investment banks and private equity practices?

Join us as we examine the policies of both candidates regarding financial services regulation and related issues and discuss the impact each would potentially have on the industry.

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