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'International Arbitration: A Way to Avoid American Style Discovery?,' Annual Lyon Bar Association Conference

Speaker: Jeremy Heep


Jeremy Heep, a partner in the Philadelphia office of Pepper Hamilton, presented at the Lyon (France) Bar Association’s annual conference (Rentrée Solennelle Du Barreau De Lyon) on December 17, 2015. Mr. Heep delivered a presentation in French on the topic of whether foreign companies doing business with American companies can avoid U.S.-style discovery and other costs and risks of the U.S. legal system through contracting for international arbitration in commercial contracts. Mr. Heep spoke about the pros and cons of litigation in European and American legal systems, as compared to international arbitration. His speech was called, "Arbitrage international : une voie pour permettre aux européens d’échapper a la « discovery américaine » ?"


Banque Populaire Loire & Lyonnais
14 rue Eugène Deruelle
69003 Lyon