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BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)... *Liability and Data Breach Sold Separately

Speakers: Sharon R. Klein, Tracey E. Diamond and Odia Kagan


Ms. Diamond describes the webinar recording in this short video.

A majority of people recently surveyed believe that their cellphone is the first thing that gets noticed about them. With smartphones becoming a part of our identity and the convenience of carrying and using just one device, many have started using their personal mobile devices for work related tasks. This phenomenon, aptly dubbed "Bring Your Own Device," or "BYOD," raises a variety of legal issues both for the user and for the corporation.

Join Pepper Hamilton attorneys Sharon R. Klein, Tracey E. Diamond and Odia Kagan for this webinar as they present and address some of these issues, including: the employee's expectation of privacy, adequately securing the corporate information on the device, e-discovery and specific compliance issues for regulated organizations.


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