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Bitter C-Suite: Privacy, Security and Data Protection Issues Facing Corporations, Directors and Officers

Speakers: Sharon R. Klein, Odia Kagan and Melissa Louise Nuñez


With data breaches, cyberterrorism and governmental enforcement of the protection of privacy on the rise, corporations are facing an increased likelihood of claims, legal proceedings and costs. Without a proper understanding of the privacy and data security issues facing the corporation, and effective oversight of the policies and procedures the corporation has in place, directors and officers risk potential liability, as well as breaching their fiduciary duty of loyalty and due care.

In this presentation, Pepper attorneys will discuss the issues facing corporations in connection with privacy and cybersecurity and the steps directors and officers can take to mitigate these risks, including:

  • implementing “privacy by design”
  • conducting a risk audit
  • formulating a business continuity plan
  • instituting an oversight process
  • acquiring cyber-insurance, and
  • providing adequate disclosure to investors.


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