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Between You, Me and Mark Z: The Illusion of Privacy in Social Networks and What My Company and I Can Do About It


Monday April 7, 2014 | 5:30–7:30 PM

Pepper's Philadelphia Office
3000 Two Logan Square
Eighteenth and Arch Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19103-2799

Attorneys from Pepper’s Emerging Growth practice are excited to participate in Philly Tech Week 2014. In addition, Pepper will be also hosting an event on "BYOD - Bring Your Own Device: Liability and Data Breach Sold Separately."

Social media use by both individuals and businesses is exploding and the data collectible from users is plentiful and invaluable. With such priceless data available a few code lines away, the risk to the privacy of our information on social networks exponentially increases.

The new claims filed against Facebook and Google allege that private messages and private emails are not really private anymore.

Pepper attorney Odia Kagan will lead this presentation and discuss what steps we can take as users of social networks to protect ourselves and what lessons can businesses learn to protect themselves from privacy violations.